While central, forced-air heating and cooling offers powerful indoor climate control, it’s not always the premier option. In the right situation, alternative HVAC equipment can help maintain comfortable temperatures and an energy-efficient home. Ductless mini-split systems, for example, are a compact choice that can offer surprisingly robust heating and cooling.

As the name implies, ‘ductless’ mini-splits do not use traditional air ducts to heat or cool your home. This is ideal for homes that don’t have ductwork as well as smaller spaces that won’t need large HVAC systems for an even distribution of climate control. Some models are for air conditioning only, while others are heat pumps with dual-function heating and air conditioning.

It’s important to choose a quality make and model as well as a factory trained, Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer Contractor to handle both service & installation. Aspinwall Plumbing & Heating is the contractor of choice to handle both the installation and service. We work with Mitsubishi mini-split systems for their exceptional design and reliability, and we offer 12-year Labor | 12 Year Parts warranty on every installation! If you’re considering ductless mini-split installation for your home, be sure the call the experts at Aspinwall Plumbing & Heating.

Mitsubishi Mini-Split Systems


Mitsubishi ductless mini-splits are perfect for a single room, or even your entire home. In fact, Mitsubishi mini-splits use the perfect amount of energy needed to heat or cool an area, using less energy overall and saving you money!

There are lots of other advantages to installing a ductless mini-split system:

  • Choose an AC or heat pump model according to your needs: Mini-splits can offer just air conditioning or both heating and cooling. In fact, these models are known as mini-split heat pumps. Depending on your home’s HVAC needs and your unique comfort preferences, we can help pick the perfect system for you.
  • Avoid adding extra ductwork installation costs: Central HVAC equipment needs a maze of ductwork to deliver heating and cooling throughout your home. Ductless mini-splits do not, and you can install multiple indoor units to ensure climate control everywhere you need it as well as prevent hot or cold spots. This allows for more zoning in your home, which means more control over specific rooms or spaces. With Mitsubishi mini-splits, you can control individual room temperatures with a properly designed system.
  • High energy-efficiency with strong SEER ratings: Mini-splits are particularly energy efficient among HVAC systems, and many Mitsubishi models are ENERGY STAR®-rated. This coveted distinction guarantees a high degree of energy efficiency, the specifics of which you can find with the model’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. Mitsubishi mini-split heat pumps offer SEER ratings as high as 33, while most ENERGY STAR equipment is rated between 20-25.
  • Resolve problem areas without upgrading the entire HVAC system: The compact size of ductless mini-splits make them a fantastic option for smaller or detached spaces like a garage, guest house or sunroom. If there is a stubborn area in your home that is always hot or cold, a mini-split can resolve the issue without needing extra ductwork or a more powerful HVAC system.

Mitsubishi Heat Pumps vs. Conventional Systems

Mitsubishi’s Hyper-Heating Inverter Difference

Mitsubishi ductless mini-splits are more efficient and, in many cases, can provide heat to your home in a greater range of temperatures than traditional heat pumps due to their enhanced technology. Unlike traditional heat pump systems, whose performance takes a hit in cold weather, Mitsubishi ductless mini-splits maintain their exceptional heating performance at very low temperatures. Powered by Hyper-Heating Inverter technology, Mitsubishi heat pumps have a higher heating capacity at all temperatures—and maintain an incredible 85% heating capacity at temperatures as low as minus 13 degrees. And, Mitsubishi ductless mini-splits do this while running quietly and using significantly less energy than traditional heat pumps on the market.

Mitsubishi Mini-Split Systems
Mitsubishi Mini-Split Systems


Aspinwall Plumbing & Heating and Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Cooling are a winning team. As your local Elite Diamond Contractor®, we specialize in Mitsubishi products and their continued effectiveness in your home. When you trust our installation support, your Mitsubishi mini-split system has the best chance for maximum efficiency from the very start. And as the years go by, we can keep it that way with effective repair and maintenance services.

To request a free quote for installation, give Aspinwall Plumbing & Heating a call today at 833-501-3133. If a Mitsubishi ductless mini-split is right for you, we’ll make sure you can start the process right away.

Mitsubishi Mini-Split Systems

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