How Often do you Need Air Quality Inspections?

July 16, 2020

Testing the quality of the air in your Quincy home is a crucial step to help to keep you and your family safe and healthy. Given the importance of this task, the natural question that follows is, “How often should I have my home’s air quality tested?” To help you understand when and why to have your house’s air tested, we at Aspinwall Baystate offer this basic guide to different circumstances when air quality testing makes sense. On a Regular Basis To maintain a good sense of your property’s indoor air quality, you should have an air quality test completed at least once a year. This ensures that there are no unexpected air quality issues that linger for an unacceptably long period of time. You can have Aspinwall Baystate perform this testing when they’re already at your house for either your summer or winter HVAC checkup. If you really want to be safe, you can have your air quality tested twice a year, especially if the previous test revealed concerning results. When You Make Changes If your air quality is good during normal tests, that doesn’t mean it will stay that way.

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Why Are My Plumbing Pipes Making Noise?

June 18, 2020

If you have noisy pipes, pay attention to the sounds you’re hearing. They’ll give you a good clue on what the problem is. Some sounds you can safely ignore as they’re normal. However, others can indicate a serious plumbing issue. Banging Banging noises typically indicate your pipes have a water pressure or water flow problem. If you shut off a faucet and suddenly hear a noise like a hammer, it’s because water under high-pressure slammed into the shutoff valve. Banging can also result from air getting trapped in your pipes. A banging sound means you need to contact a plumber. Aspinwall Baystate of Quincy, MA, can help you with any plumbing problem you’re having. Rattling Pipes are fastened to walls, floors and ceilings. When a fastener comes loose, the result is a rattling sound whenever water passes through the pipe. You might need to hire a plumber to find the loose section of pipe and refasten it. Whistling A whistling sound when you open a faucet likely means one of the small components in your plumbing system has broken. This most commonly occurs with washers

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Recent Indoor Air Quality Technology Advancements

May 14, 2020

Many people are dismayed to learn that indoor air quality is often worse than the outdoor air. If you’re looking to improve the air quality in your Quincy, MA, home, there are many innovative solutions to consider. Here are some of the recent indoor air quality technology advancements that could benefit your health and well-being: Indoor Air Quality Sensors Smart thermostats already make use of remote sensors that detect the temperature and whether or not you are occupying a room. In the European Union, a project called IAQSENSE is testing newly-developed indoor air quality sensors that would work the same way. The sensors are placed on a wall or ceiling in your home, and they increase ventilation when they sense unhealthy indoor air pollution levels. Home Automation Systems Home automation systems can detect indoor humidity levels. High indoor humidity levels contribute to mold growth and the release of mold spores, which are common indoor air pollutants. By making automatic adjustments to the home’s humidity, a home automation system increases comfort and indoor air quality. Newer home automation systems are also now including ozone and smoke sensors in order to increase ventilation.

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Common Plumbing Code Violations To Be Aware Of

April 17, 2020

Plumbing code violations can cause serious problems in your home or business premises. They may result in accidents, causing dangerous harm to people and property. You may also be in for legal repercussions if you don’t observe plumbing codes. Here are 4 common plumbing codes violations you should be aware of. 1. Wrong Bathroom Venting It is common logic that bathroom vents should lead directly outside the house, but it is not uncommon to find a few of them ending in the attic. This plumbing code violation may precipitate dire consequences, such accumulation of moisture in the attic, which may then lead to mold and mildew. 2. Poor Drainpipe Slope Drainpipes need the help of gravity to function efficiently. To achieve their full potential, plumbing codes require plumbers to angle them downwards in the direction of flow. While it makes a lot of sense, you will still find gross violation of this simple code. If the drainpipe isn’t sloped well, it may cause backflow and flooding of your sinks, bathrooms and toilets. 3. Inadequate Space Around the Toilet It may sound outrageous, but this plumbing

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Common Plumbing Issues People Try To Fix But Shouldn’t

March 8, 2020

Some homeowners try to take care of plumbing issues on their own as a way to save money. However, this often ends up costing them a lot of money instead. Here are some common plumbing problems you should hire a plumber to fix. Clogged Drains If there’s a clogged drain in your home, you may decide to buy some chemicals or a snake device to clear it. Sometimes, using acid or a snaking device you’re not familiar with will cause even more problems, though. The damage can be enough that you need to pay to have the whole drain system replaced. There could be several reasons why there’s a clogged drain. It might be hair and other materials. Sometimes, it’s due to the age of the house. If you put grease in a drain, the grease will often clog the drain once it cools down and becomes a solid. Low Water Pressure Low water pressure may be due to a serious issue. A water line may have eroded, or a pipe could have fractured. You need to call a plumber to fix these types of problems. Homeowners in Quincy,

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How To Change a Furnace Filter

February 11, 2020

Your furnace filter removes small particles from the air flowing through a forced-air furnace and through your house. A dirty filter makes your furnace work harder to move that air. The additional strain drives up energy consumption and could lead to equipment failure. Changing a furnace filter is easy to do, and homeowners should plan on doing it two or three times during the heating season. How to Find the Furnace Filter A furnace filter fits into a compartment between a furnace’s incoming air and the combustion chamber. Labels on some furnaces indicate where the filter is located. In their absence, look for a panel covering a large slot or the blower motor. You might need a screwdriver to open this panel. Determine Filter Size Once you physically see your filter, you can simply lift or pull it out of the furnace. The old filter will have its dimensions printed on it. Buy new filters of the exact same This is crucial because a filter that falls out or allows air through gaps around it defeats the purpose of having one. If your furnace is missing a filter entirely, then measure

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Gas vs Electric Fireplaces

January 4, 2020

A fireplace can be an effective tool for keeping your home warm during the winter months. Whether you choose to power your fireplace with gas or electricity depends on your preferences, budget and if a gas line is available. Electric Fireplaces Can Be Ideal for Smaller Rooms If you are simply looking for a way to heat a living room, guest bedroom or finished attic, an electric fireplace may be worth buying. All you need to do is find the right spot for it, plug it into the wall and turn it on. In a matter of minutes, you will start to feel warm air radiating from the device. As electric fireplaces don’t transmit as much heat, you can feel confident putting them in your child’s room without worrying about them getting hurt. Gas Fireplaces Are Ideal for Those Who Want Maximum Heat Generally speaking, gas fireplaces generate more heat because they create an actual flame within the fireplace. They can either attach directly to an existing gas line or through a propane tank that connects to the fireplace. The folks at Aspinwall Plumbing in Quincy

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7 Benefits of Heating Maintenance

December 17, 2019

Heating and ventilation are some of the essential utilities that we rely upon daily in our homes. In fact, to keep this equipment running right, it is essential to maintain the equipment used properly. Here are the seven benefits you stand to gain by investing in regular heating maintenance in your house. 1. Reducing Repair Costs Undertaking regular maintenance on your heating systems keeps your furnace in pristine condition. In fact, this eliminates common damages on your heating system that may otherwise cost you heavily. Above all, having a professional heating technician inspect your heating equipment is the only way to avoid costly repairs. 2. Boosting Efficiency In order to determine the efficiency of your heating furnaces in your home, the condition of the equipment is necessary. Maintaining the efficiency of the heating equipment benefits the entire system and allows it to function properly. 3. Home Safety The heating services installed in your home can easily turn into a hazard if they get damaged. Therefore, inspecting and maintaining the entire heating system as regularly as technicians recommend prevents incidences, such as cracked heat exchangers and blocked pipes, which

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5 Benefits of Heating Maintenance

November 12, 2019

A home’s heating and cooling systems are comprised of many different components and mechanical parts. A system this complex and technical requires regular heating maintenance for optimal operation. Regular Maintenance Is Vital for Your HVAC System Just as you take steps to properly maintain your vehicle (e.g., oil changes, fluid replacements, brake jobs), it’s important to practice regular maintenance for your heating and cooling system. You can call on us at Aspinwall Baystate, headquartered in Quincy when you want to arrange regularly scheduled maintenance. This can help to circumvent problems before they spiral out of control. Here are five benefits that come with investing in regularly scheduled service. 1. Safety and Reliability Above all else, safety is the most important thing to area homeowners. A malfunctioning heater can be a serious fire hazard. With regular inspections and maintenance from HVAC professionals at Aspinwall Baystate, developing issues can be identified and addressed. Plus, with regular maintenance, you don’t have to worry about unexpected breakdowns. 2. Better Energy Efficiency When an HVAC system develops issues from damaged ductwork to weak airflow, it can hurt its efficiency. This can lead to

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Is a Maintenance Agreement Worth the Cost?

October 22, 2019

Several customers question the value of a maintenance agreement. Some even perceive it as being an optional expense. However, at Aspinwall Baystate, we know that regular maintenance is the key to getting the most out of your heating or cooling system. Here are a few benefits to maintenance agreements and why they are worth the cost. Prolonged Life of System We know that regular maintenance is critical. For example, maintenance services are crucial for keeping your car on the driving efficiently. If you take proper care of your vehicle, it will work longer without needing constant and costly repairs. Your furnace or cooling system is the same. With regular maintenance from a professional at Aspinwall Baystate, your furnace or air conditioner will have an extended operating life. Purchasing a new heating or cooling system can be expensive. Take care of your system the best you can by investing in a maintenance agreement. Increase in Energy Efficiency When you first install a new system, it should run without any difficulties. During installation, our technicians make certain that everything is configured to run at its best. Your home will have consistent comfort for

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