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    Weymouth #1 Water Heater Company

    50 years ago, a company was formed on the corner of Aspinwall Avenue and Harvard Street. Five decades later, Aspinwall Baystate is still here providing unbeatable customer service combined with industry knowledge to the residents of Weymouth, MA. That includes the best in water heater service! What started out as a small, family business has turned into one of the most trusted names in the world of plumbing in the entire Boston area. Thanks to our dedication to completely satisfying our customers and our love of a good challenge, Aspinwall Baystate is in position to serve Weymouth for another 50-plus years.

    Why we’re the right choice:
    • Family-owned and -operated company for 50 years
    • Winner of the 2018 Quincy Award for plumbing services
    • Heavily involved in our community
    • The goal on every job: 100% customer satisfaction

    Tankless Water Heaters in Weymouth

    There are a number of reasons to consider making your next water heater a tankless water heater. In contrast to its traditional counterpart, a tankless water heater is significantly more energy efficient, saving you money on your monthly utility bills. Not only do tankless water heaters consume less electricity than a tanked water heater, they also waste less water. In a time where everyone is trying to find ways to save money, not wasting money on electric and water bills is certainly a win.

    Other tankless benefits to consider:
    • Tankless water heaters take up significantly less space
    • They provide virtually unlimited hot water
    • Longer life expectancy than a traditional system
    • Greatly reduced carbon footprint

    Experienced and Licensed Plumbers

    We know that you don’t want just anyone installing a tankless or tanked water heater in your Weymouth home. Fortunately, our plumbing team has met the Massachusetts state requirements for plumbing licensure. Those requirements include the completion of 110 hours of tier 5 plumbing course work and 1700 hours of work as a licensed journeyman plumber. When dealing with plumbing issues such as a water heater, we believe that expertise matters.

    Weymouth’s Best Water Heater Team

    There’s a reason that Aspinwall Baystate has been a mainstay in Weymouth for five decades. The fact that we couple an ability to figure out any situation with our desire to exceed our customers’ expectations drives everything that we do. Our team of plumbers is ready to work with you to transition your water heater from a traditional system to a tankless water heater, or service your current water heater. All of our installations come with our five-year warranty, and financing is available.

    Call us today if you’d like us to service or install a water heater in your Weymouth home!