Why become a member?

Every heating & air conditioning system needs to be maintained. As a homeowner, this is the best way to keep your system performing, especially when you need it most! Ultimate piece of mind is scheduling service twice a year.

1. Peace of mind knowing who to call for you heating, cooling & plumbing needs.
2. Staying on top of untimely repairs, during heat waves or cold spells.
3. Avoiding the long wait times to make appointments during peak seasons!

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Included in Your Precision Tune-Up

Ultimate peace of mind includes service twice a year (with Silver and Gold plans) or three times a year (with our Platinum Plan).


  • Inspect & rate condition of A/C components
  • Inspect & rate condition of Refrigeration Piping
  • Inspect & rate condition of condensate drain system
  • Evaluate overall cooling performance of system
  • Inspect thermostat function & programming
  • Inspect and clean indoor coil
  • Inspect and clean outdoor coil
  • Clean drains & drain pans on indoor unit
  • Check blower wheel assembly & fan operation
  • Check all low-voltage wiring and make repairs
  • Check electrical components (capacitors and contactors) for proper operation
  • Check motor speeds & power consumption
  • Check overall condition of pipe insulation
  • Replace basic air filters
  • Run system & test overall operations


  • Inspect & rate condition of heating components
  • Inspect Gas or Heat piping
  • Inspect thermostat function & programming
  • Inspect condition of heating coil or heat exchanger
  • Check flue piping (exhaust) for corrosion
  • Check air intake piping
  • Inspect burner assembly
  • Check blower wheel assembly & fan operation
  • Check condensate lines & drains
  • Check all low-voltage wiring connections
  • Check electrical components (capacitors and contactors) for proper operation
  • Check motor speeds
  • Check overall condition of piping
  • Replace basic air filters
  • Run system and test overall operation


Plus, Platinum Members Receive…

Annual Full Tankless System Maintenance with Heat Exchanger Flush

  • Check area around Tankless System
  • Check temperature and pressure gauges
  • Check venting and air intake piping
  • Check air and vent termination
  • Check relief valve
  • Check condensate drain
  • Check air vent
  • Test low water cutoff operation
  • Check overall piping
  • Check expansion tank (if applicable)
  • Check makeup water connection
  • Flush Heat exchanger with descaler solution


Apsinwall Preventative Maintenance Plans


Total Visits Included In Plan 1 2 2 3
Annual Investment $299 $479 $599 $839
Monthly Investment Option $24.99 $39.99 $49.99 $69.99

Most of our customers pay annually to take advantage of the cost savings.


Multi-Point Safety Inspection
Maintenance Report & Recommendations
Lower Utility Bills
Extended Equipment Life
Fewer Repairs
Improved Equipment Efficiency
Peace Of Mind – Knowing Who To Call
Spring A/C Precision Tune Up
Membership Discount on Services
Fall Precision Tune Up
Night & Weekend Emergency Service
$15 Discount – Service Diagnostic Fee
Priority Scheduling
$50 Discount – Emergency Diagnostic Fee
Loyalty Equipments Savings Program*
Transferrable To New Owner
Full Tankless Maintenance With Heat Exchanger Flush

*Loyalty Equipment Savings Program: For each year that you are an active member, we will credit $100 towards a replacement system when the time comes, up to 10 years or $1000. For example, a 5-year member receives a $500 discount on the installation of a new system with Aspinwall. Small package systems are excluded. Membership pricing and plans DO NOT include replacing parts.

Call Aspinwall! How can we help you today?