Aspinwall Baystate Plumbing & Heating is a service oriented organization. We have the ability to perform many tasks for our customers including routine services, equipment changes, design, payback analysis, drain cleaning, fireplace sales, service and installations.

Our service manager dispatches technicians daily and has the ability to meet emergency needs via GPS capabilities on each vehicle. Please note that with all of our services we work with the owner or owner’s representative to deliver a system that will best serve the customer regarding energy consumption, value and price; at the same time we work within the confines of all State and Local Codes.

We take pride in all of our work, and ensure the job is done right – delivering peace of mind to all of our customers. Please call to discuss specific project details.



Call us to schedule an appointment for plumbing services. Need your leaking faucet repaired? Is your toilet running and you need to have it fixed? We can handle all your plumbing needs.

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Let us help you find a way to reduce energy costs, by advising you on solutions that meet the needs of your home.

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Air Conditioning

We can help you understand SEER ratings, programable thermostats and ECM motors. We work on many different types of systems.

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Design Services & Special Projects

Are you building a new restaurant and you’re not sure what to do next? Do you manage a condo building and you’re not sure what is available to upgrade your heating system or domestic hot water system?

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Fireplace Sales, Service & Installation

Are you looking for one person to buy and install your new gas fireplace, well you found us. We handle the entire process – purchase, install and inspection.

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On Demand, Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater can provide an endless supply of hot water on demand because the unit activates as soon as you have a demand for hot water.

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Heat Pumps

Do you have a heat pump in your home but you’re not really sure how it works. Everyone tells you that heat pumps are not designed for this market (Northeast) but they are installed everywhere around Boston.

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Ductless Minisplits

Do you want to add air conditioning to your home but do not have the space for ductwork? We have a solution that will not break your air conditioning budget.

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Commercial Work

We handle plumbing, heating, HVAC and service work for the light commercial market.

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Aspinwall HVAC


HVAC simply means heating, ventilation and Air Conditioning! Aspinwall can help you with all your HVAC needs.

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